Laager Rooibos Tea

Only the best traditions are passed down from generation to generation, like Laager Rooibos.

Strong and refreshing, Laager Rooibos has been a household name in South Africa from as far back as 1945. Countless generations have enjoyed the strong, refreshing taste of Laager and the health benefits associated with Rooibos.

That’s why we’ve always said: “Strength is our Tradition.”


  • One of South Africa’s favourite Rooibos tea brands
  • Trusted since 1945
  • Strong and refreshing taste
  • Has all the health benefits of Rooibos

Product Specifications

Brand Product Product Code Packaging Unit Barcode Pack Barcode Case Barcode
Laager Enveloped tagged tea bags LT01 1 x 200 x 2G 6006822002165 16006822002162
LT12 12 x 20 x 2G 6006822002165 6006822002264 6006822002271
LT48 4 x 12 x 20 x 2G 6006822002165 6006822002264 16006822002278