What is Waste2Dust?

Our vision is to reduce the number of landfill sites in South Africa and to provide compost to use on farms, gardens and corporate social development projects (communal gardens).

Our mission at Waste2Dust is to create the opportunity to reduce compostable waste such as paper, specific plastic products as well as food and garden refuse, through the use of state-of-the-art composting machines.

Waste2Dust, offers machines that turns most of your waste into immature compost, within 24 hours.

Why Compost Food Waste? Food Waste at landfill sites create Methane Gas, one of the gasses contributing to Global Warming.

We have been suppliers to the Hospitality and Food Service industry since 2006. We understand our business and can Customise solutions to meet your requirements.


So What…!

  • B&C Agricultural Trading (Pty) ltd was established in 2006 and provides customized solutions.
  • Our Machines are manufactured in South Africa, to the highest quality standards
  • The machine was developed in 2002 and has been marketed internationally since 2010.
  • Waste2Dust has developed a local machine, for South African conditions.
  • All machines are backed by a 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects and training is provided upon installation and handover.
  • All Machines are backed by a Service Level agreement to ensure optimal usage.


Machines and benefits

  • Machines vary from a household unit, to a large food market unit that can compost up to 500 ton of waste per year.
  • Reduces the waste by as much as 90% in volume
  • No waste water Low Odour. No Bins space saving.
  • The household unit is aesthetically pleasing enough to install in your kitchen.
  • Hygiene eliminate potentially harmful pathogens and Bacteria.
  • Low maintenance as well as low noise.
  • No CAPEX requirement due to Rental Finance Option.
  • Compostable soil can be bagged and used for BBBEE Enterprise development.
  • Compostable soil can be used in Gardens even at a 1:10 Ratio.
  • Green consciousness, your contribution to the Earth.
  • Improved Customer perception of your Brand.
  • Reduction in Landfill requirement.
  • Improved in store Hygiene and reduced Health Hazards from Perished or wasted foods. Improved Pest control.


Waste types that are compostable by our machines

Food waste:

  • All meats, light bones (fish, chicken wings, etc.) and fat
  • All fruit and vegetable waste
  • General garden waste, excluding brush and tree trimmings
  • Eggs and seafood shells
  • Grain products, soups and snacks
  • NOTE: Certain Fruit and Veg skins takes longer to degrade, as in nature.
  • Seeds do not degrade, as in nature. Both dry out during this process.

General household waste:

  • Paper, paper products
  • Bio degradable plastics
  • Both require additional moisture if no food waste is added.


How does this happen in 24 hours?

  • The machine composts waste using an energy-efficient and automated control process.
  • The system employs high temperature micro-organisms to decompose food waste and organic matter.
  • This is accomplished without the need for repeated additions of micro-organisms or other additives to the composting chamber.
  • Processing time will vary depending on the waste input but normal mixed food waste should take no longer than 24 hours to virtually disappear.
  • The end product can be used as a soil amendment suitable for landscaping or gardening.